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Me transforming 2nd dwg. by LorianaVixen Me transforming 2nd dwg. :iconlorianavixen:LorianaVixen 27 5
Protector of the HearthEpiloge
Protector of the Hearth Epilogue
John's Journal
"It's been a tough transition for the family. I never saw Anne again and with Lucy always there I never felt comfortable moving on. In a few months Lucy had her first litter. The puppies were so cute and just as well behaved as Lucy. The kids grew older and their love for Lucy grew with them. I never got Lucy fixed. It just felt weird and over the next few years Lucy had a couple more litters with that damn dog.
The pups are well-bred stock and they've done amazing well at shows. And there seem to be almost as bright as a human. The kids have really matured and risen to the task of caring for and raising them and caring for the house now that Anne is gone. But late at night when I get home from work and I see Lucy lying there with the Neighbors dogs and her puppies I really miss my Anne as I retreat to that big empty bed."
John sighed closing the book and setting on the end table. Lucy looked up at him wagging her tail. His face softened
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 13 14
Protector of the Hearth Part 5
Protector of the Hearth Part 5
"There she is, she snuck in through the dogie door. Aren't they cute together?"
John glared down at his dog-wife lying next to the neighbor's retriever, his rage was boiling below the surface but he'd only look the fool if he exploded in front of mixed company. "Thanks"
"Approaching slowly, leash in hand Lucy looked up to him, her own anger was still raw, she growled bearing her fangs. The Neighbor approached pulling John back "Let me, dogs tend to be really testy after they mate."
John gritted his teeth and smiled "Yeah sure, go ahead."
"Hey don't take it so personal."
"Take it personal my Wi…."He shouted before catching himself "Wittle dog just got fucked by your dog."
"They do that, you fixed her right?"
"No…" John stammered
"Well then you might have to worry about puppies in a few months."
John continued to contain his rage as He took a firm grip on his wife's leash dragging her away.  Lucy growled struggling against the leash. Once they wer
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 16 0
Mature content
Protector of the Hearth Part 4 :iconnekollx:NekoLLX 16 0
Protector of the Hearth Part 3
Protector of the Hearth Part 3
Anne, er Lucy, kept a crisp pace ahead of John, just enough to give the leash a firm line. After a few minutes she stopped crouching by the curb to relive herself. As she squatted she looked around the neighbor hood, her gaze eventually drifting to another retriever, a male one, on the other side of the street. Her tail began to wag and John was surprised but the normally docile canine's firm tug. The leash slipped from his grip as Lucy bounded across the street. The other dog walker jumped wit ha start as Anne came up to the other dog and began to sniff at its behind. The male dog stopped turning to sniff Lucy's rear as John finally caught up reclaiming the leash.
"Sorry, she normally so well behaved, caught me off guard!"
"No harm done, they seem to be getting along fine." The other walker responded.
"Your master must take good care of you, your in great shape." The male barked happily.
"Thanks!" Lucy responded "But he's not my master, he's my mate."
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 15 0
Protector of the Hearth Part 2
Protector of the Hearth Part 2
"Daddy, can we keep her!"
Anne's daughter's, Evelyn, voice raised her from her slumber. As her vision cleared she stared in shock past her muzzle to her tail and hind paws. Her body felt strange what had happened to her.
"Look you startled her!" Nathan, her son said that.
Raising her head she turned it toward her husband looking up into his concerned face as he spoke.
"You know I don't want a dog in our house." John, her husband said sternly.
John sighed, "He always was a big softie, that what makes him suck a good mate." Anne thought. "Mate? Where did that come from? He's more then just the father of my children."
Anne tilted her head looking critically at John "Still there are better mates out there."
She shook her head clearing out the adulterous thoughts.
"We'll let her stay for a couple weeks, if no one claims her in that time I'll think about it."
"Yeah!" the children cheered.
John moved to a near phone lifting the receiver, it was still dead
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 16 0
Protector of the Hearth Part 1
Protector of the Hearth Part 1
Based on
The warm suburban landscape, it's the safest and most dangerous place in America. For while you may sleep soundly in your best protected by the police and neighborhood watch you also let your guard down from those determined to take what it yours.
A house like any other with 2 children; a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, 2 parents, the mothers a housewife. A fit and athletic little Caucasian minx by the name of Anne. Her husband an Advertising Executive. The husband has been off at work for several hours now, the children asleep in the beds. This was her time a rare moment Anne had all to herself. The moon was out, a silvery crescent; the father wasn't expected home for a few more hours. The house was clean, and it was not yet time to make dinner. Anne felt safe as she stepped out of the shower. Clad in a towel and glistening with moisture. But the serenity was broken as she crossed the living ro
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 28 0
Sittin' Kitty by NeoZoan Sittin' Kitty :iconneozoan:NeoZoan 312 36 Woman to Wolf Final Stage by LoboLeo Woman to Wolf Final Stage :iconloboleo:LoboLeo 146 40 mess about by something-wild mess about :iconsomething-wild:something-wild 176 22 Midnight Release by datalossfs
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Midnight Release :icondatalossfs:datalossfs 239 6
Girl Into Wolf Full-Shot by LoboLeo Girl Into Wolf Full-Shot :iconloboleo:LoboLeo 250 34 'Free Born' Muzzle growth by LoboLeo 'Free Born' Muzzle growth :iconloboleo:LoboLeo 110 26 Transformation by white-suski
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Le Femme Loup by noire-arc-en-ciel
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Le Femme Loup :iconnoire-arc-en-ciel:noire-arc-en-ciel 67 13
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Hey guys... if there is anybody out there at all after all the years...
Yep, i'm back on DeviantArt.

Not because i now agree with their policy, i probably don't, but because it's too bad to miss what wonderful artists may post here only. Because that's where i started sharing my own. Because the computer i'm using now is fast enough for this heavy site. Because i felt like starting again on this page, with all the dusty things from the past still on the shelves, old friends hopefully still around and new people to meet. So yep, if i manage to get a hold of all the things that changed since i left, i'll be more active here again. Oh, don't expect me to do photomanips again (not saying never but that's really not on the table), i'll just be posting the pics i have not posted here since i moved, and will be posting future pics here as well as my other usual places.

But yep, i guess i'm back.


AltairTF's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

~ Hello and thank you for visiting my page! :3

:: About me > I am just a girl, except i have this weird obsession for transformations of humans into animals, preferably females undergoing a helpless change all the way into a complete animal... For some reason this idea has always turned me on, and that is what lead me to drawing such things. I also like writing even if i'm not a native English speaker. Whatever makes our imagination run free is good! I'm not a professional artist: whatever i do is first because i enjoy it myself, but if i like to share with those who might also enjoy, and to my surprise there are lovely people out there who do. I'm always happy to meet fellow TF-enthusiasts or artists, but please remember that i'm not a "furry", an "anthro" or anything like that... Just a girl, with that strange interest that often makes her blush. ^^

:: Likes > transformation - human to feral - females as subjects - males as anything else(!) - mad scientists - enchanted items - hypnosis - most mammal species - some reptilian and avian aspects - rock music - teasing - intelligence - sensuality - love - freedom - submission
:: Dislikes > anthro characters - creepy creatures - MLP/pokemon art etc. - most "fanfictions" - fursuits - wrong anatomy - the abundance of TGTF - bad spelling - demanding/complaining people - Facebook - fickleness - botched up stuff - guns - violence - religions - misleading beliefs

:: Commission status/info > check it out here

:: Other sites >
Here is my Furaffinity page (main account)
I'm also on Transfur of course!


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I read your bio and I'm exactly the same female Werewolf transformations just turn me on I love to watch the clothes and shoes tear away from the helpless woman
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Thank you for watching! One of my favorite types of transformations is humans into animals too.  
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